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Posted: 12 January 2017

Padel is one of the fastest growing sport worldwide

The huge growth in popularity of Padel cannot be discarded with the sport finding immense appeal in a sports-crazy nation like Australia. Studies and figures indicate that Australia is among the fastest-growing nations for nurturing Padel into a truly international sport.

As per information made available, Padel is the fastest growing sport across the globe with some sports psychologists even terming Padel as the “growth monster” of the decade.

In Spain alone as per statistics presented in 2014, Padel is currently the second largest participation sport, and that too only after football, and more interestingly, even ahead of tennis. The study further shows that Padel has a following of more than 5 million, up from a mere one million that was put down as a statistic in 2007.

Also, there are more than 15,000 Padel courts worldwide today compared to the 5,000 courts that were in use in 2007. The sale of Padel racquets has also shown an exponential jump with 2014 recording a total sale of 500,000 Padel racquets compared to the estimated 160,000 sold ten years back.

And although Spain has been credited with the popularity of Padel across the world, sports personalities auger that it won’t be too long before Padel gets its place as one of the best sports to attract the attention of the sporting world.

In 2016 itself, Padel cut across new boundaries with new cities being added to the roster including a very successful tournament in Monte Carlo. A year prior to that, Dubai had played host to the first-ever Dubai Master Tournament that was won by Pablo Lima and Fernando Belasteguin in the men’s, while the Sanchez Alayeto twins had triumphed in the women’s competition.