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Posted: 08 January 2017

Spaniards dominate season-ending world rankings

The players from Spain rule the roost in the women’s section when the end-of-season rankings were announced by the World Padel Tour (WPT).

After rankings were announced by the WPT last week, there were as many as eleven Spanish players in the top-12 of the year-end roll of honour. Led by Alejandra Salazar and Marta Marrero, the only exception to the rule is Cecilia Reiter of Argentina with a world ranking of No.8.

Deservedly, Salazar and Marrero ended their year on a real high with an identical 9,920 points followed by the Sanchez Alayeto sisters Maria Jose and Maria Pilar with 7,230 points. While the twins from Spain held initial sway during early season tournaments, Salazar and Marrero took over the worl number one spot at the La Nucia final and never looked back after that.

Among themselves, Salazar and Marrero call each other ‘beasts’, a feature that was perfectly exemplified following their amazing unbeaten run during the second part of the season. After La Nucia, Salazar and Marrero did not drop a single set. And they finally capped an astounding 2016 despite going down to the Sanchez Alayeto sisters at the season finale Madrid Master Final held in the second half of December.

The third-best pairing on the WPT is also a Spanish duo – Elisabet Amatriain and Patricia Llaguno with 5,700 points, while Carolina Navarro of Spain is joined by her Argentinean partner Reiter with an identical 4.050 points. Occupying the ninth and tenth spots are Gemma Triay Pons and Lucia Sainz with 3,720 points followed by Alba Galan in tenth with 2,760 points and Marta Ortega in No. 12 with 2,580 points.

Meanwhile, the men’s side of the WPT did not stray too much from 2015 as Bela and Lima totally dominated all opposition to yet another year on an emphatic high. The Argentinean-Brazilian pairing won an amazing 13 tournaments to compile 14,640 points each on the WPT. However, it was heartbreak for the world’s best couple as injury once again prevented them from fulfilling their long-standing desire of winning the year-end Madrid Master in December.

Carlos Daniel Gutierrez of Argentina and Francisco Navarro Compan of Spain reclaimed their second spot in the rankings with a tally of 9,310 points followed by Matias Diaz of Spain and Maximiliano Sanchez of Argentina with 6,475 points.


(Men) 1. Fernando Belasteguin/Pablo Lima – 14,640 points; 3. Carlos Daniel Gutierrez/Francisco Navarro Compan – 9,310 points; 5. Matias Diaz/Maximiliano Sanchez – 6,475 points; 7. Juan Mieres Petruf/Miguel Lamperti – 5,085; 9. Juan Martin Diaz – 3,875 points; 10. Agustin Gomez Silingo – 3,600 points; 12. Cristian Gutierrez – 3,245.

(Women) 1. Alejandra Salazar/Marta Marrero – 9,920 points; 3. Maria Jose Sanchez Alayeto/Maria Pilar Sanchez Alayeto – 7,230 points; 5. Elisabet Amatriain/Patricia Llaguno – 5.700 points; 7. Carolina Navarro/Cecilia Reiter – 4.050; 9. Gemma Triay Pons/Lucia Sainz – 3,720 points; 11. Alba Galan – 2,760 points; 12. Marta Ortega – 2,580 points.

Reference : World Padel Tour