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The Sport that anyone can play

Scoring in Padel is the same as that used in tennis that is

15, 30, 40

and game, with deuce coming at

40 – 40

After that, there needs to be a difference of two points before the game is over.

Padel racquet consists of a frame made of carbon, glass, rubber and metallic fibre The weight of the racquet normally varies between

350 and 400 grams

Padel matches are usually


Each set is won after a side wins six games with two clear games separating the two teams. Like in tennis, a tie-breaker is played with the first side reaching seven points and a difference of two, awarded the set 7-6.

If a third set is necessary, a

5-5 Play

will continue until one side has a two-game lead over their opponents.

However, the two teams can also agree before-hand to play a tie-breaker instead of a third set.

The first serve is taken from the right side of the court,

and then alternated between the right and left sides.

The ball is dropped on the floor behind the service line

and the ball is put on the other side of the net

It is mandatory to hit the ball at or below the waist level.
The serve has to be hit clear of the net and directly and diagonally into the opponent’s court where it gets the chance to bounce once before the return is made.
The ball can go on to hit the wall, but if after bouncing in the opposite service box
the ball goes on to hit the metal fence, then it is a fault

The receiver can choose to hit the ball either before or after it hits the wall.

Once the ball has landed in the correct service box and the ball has been returned correctly, the whole of the 10×10 metres playing surfaces on either side of the net, are in play.

If during the first or second serve the ball hits the net cord and then lands in the correct side of the opponent’s service box, a let is called and the serve is re-taken.

During rallies, the ball can hit the playing surface just once. A player can choose whether to volley the ball or allow it to bounce. If the ball bounces it must land directly onto the 10×10 metres playing surface without prior hitting the fence or walls, or it is considered a fault.

After hitting the playing surface

The ball can continue on to hit the wire fence and/or the walls on any number of occasions before the player returns the ball over the net.

The receiver can either hit the ball directly back into the server’s playing area or they can first hit the ball onto their own side and/or back walls,before returning it. If the ball is hit onto the metal fence before returned over the net, it is a fault.

If the ball is played over the 4 metre high metal fence, the point is usually won. But there is a rule that sometimes applies to allow a player to return the ball from outside the court.

Play continues within these parameters until the ball bounces twice on the playing surface or a player contravenes any of the rules.


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